New Information
Posted: 6Nov 03
We have added a number of new templates to our web design.  Click here to see them.
2 Nov 03
Our web design operation fully in swing. We have more information posted here
25 Oct
Kattie gave birth to Samantha and Thunderbolt. We have posted pictures of the new kids.
15 Oct
We have added a recommended reading list on our articles page.
10 Oct
We are considering a Frequently Asked Questions section to our web site.  If you have any questions you think should be answered, please send us an e-mail.
25 Sep
We attended a goat seminar on Meat goat safety.  See here for more information.

Oval Mask Template

This page has a lot of customization in it. It is a good template for someone who plans on having a lot of updates. The colors on the top can all be changed, depending on your desires. Also, the picture of the goat herd can be swapped out as well. The banner can be made larger, the colors can be changed, and the text can be modified (font/text and sub-line"Established, 1832" in this case)

We can put pictures in here. For more information on the options, be sure to visit the web design worksheet. As you can see, the default link colors are present. Those can be changed. The yellow background behind the body can also be changed to a different color or an image.

There is plenty of room at the top for a lot of links. We can modify the links font/color/size as you desire, as well as the light yellow color of the top line.

The box on the left is used in this case to highlight recent changes to the web site. That can be modified. The colors can be changed (in fact, the green and white - with blue links) doesn't seem to work too well. Modifications can be made as desired.

The white box to the left can also contain some information. Contact information can be put at the bottom. The orange bar at the bottom can be removed and replaced with a different color or an image.