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November Newsletter
Issued December 7th, 2006


If you are unable to view this newsletter in color (with pictures), please go to the following link. I have removed the public link from my web site, because these newsletters have a lot of information that I am only going to make available to my clients. So, save the link as a favorite (or go through your admin area - if your site has that capability).

I would like to start by recognizing the newest sites to the CCFDesign Community.

Bonnie Blue Farm

Dairy Goats in Tennessee

Golden Koi

Koi Fish in Texas

Crane Valley Ranch

Boer Goats in Nebraska

five lazy heart boer goats

Boer Goats in the Wyoming


This month's Agenda:

2.  Inbound Links
3.  Events
4.  Dating Your Site
5.  Is there a Market Here for this?

6.  Special


I know Christmas is right around the corner, and I know you were all thinking about what you want to get your web designer for Christmas J . OK, maybe not. But, let me tell you a way that I can make money and you don't have to spend any more than you would otherwise.

I am a member of the Amazon Associates program, which means that if someone clicks a link on my website and goes to Amazon and then buys a product (anything), I get a certain percentage of the sale (and they are not charged any more than they would be otherwise). So, for instance if you were to purchase Meat Goats : Their History, Management and Diseases by clicking on that link, I would get around 60 cents (not enough to retire on, but it all adds up). If you add other things to your cart, I would also get a percentage of those.

If you click on this link as your way into Amazon, I will get a percentage. Again, you pay exactly the same amount you would pay normally, it is just that will send me 2% of the purchase instead of keeping that 2%.

I am not asking you to buy anything special, just asking that if you are going to buy from Amazon, to please use the link I have provided. I can add the link to your links page, if you would like.

As some of you know, I spent 14 months in Kuwait and Iraq, and the best gift I got was a gift certificate from Amazon (that way, I could get what I wanted). Use the link below to order Amazon.Com Gift Certificates - and actually, I don't earn any credit for gift certificate purchases, but other items purchased during the session could earn a commission.

Of course, if you want a good place to start, check out my recommended reading list (perhaps you can get a book for yourself our your spouse to help with your meat goat business).

Recommended Reading for Goat Breeders

Or perhaps you want to buy a children's book for your child or grandchild:

The Goat in the Rug
Bill Grogan's Goat

I am going to put more links on my site that go to Amazon. If you ever plan on buying from Amazon, please use one of those links. If you would like for me to put a link to Amazon on your links page (or would allow me), just let me know.

Not sure what to get: Use this search box:


2. Inbound Links

I have been collecting links for a few months now, and have decided to consolidate them here. Put this on your to do list under "Something to do on a rainy day."

First, let me again list the places that you should be linked (these are reliable):

  2. Breeders Directory (Here to sign up)
  3. Billy Bob's Boers
  5. JCRanch
  6. Boer Goat Breeders
  7. Jack Mauldin

Those are all reliable and you should be able to get linked within a few days (I make sure you are linked on number 1 and 2, so don't worry about them). #3 is a paid link - but you get a discount since you are one of my clients. If your site is not listed on the sign-up form, please let me know.

Here are more free places to get linked. I was going to write descriptions about all of them, but I decided to just put the links and let you work from there.

Classified type sites (to add individual goats for sale)

With some of these, you might not get any sales, but you might get the search engine benefits. Also, some might require reciprocal links. Let me know if you need to add a page to your links page. Some may not be apparent how you can use. If that is the case, just email me and ask and I will tell you what you have to do for specific links.

Paid ($54 a year) ($15 a year) (for members of AKGA)

Check your state for a goat producer association. For instance:

Have fun (and let me know if any of the links don't work).

3. Events

Do you want to keep fiends and potential clients abreast with where you are going to be this coming year? Someone mentioned this to me as something that they could have on their site to keep it updated regularly (and to give their visitors an opportunity to know where they would be so they could possibly arrange a meeting to discuss goats or goat sales.

You can put the date, the event name and the location:

June 20-21 2006
Tennessee State Fair Open Show
West Tennessee State Fairgrounds

4. Dating Your Site

You don't want to date your site unless you are going to keep the site up to date - and keeping a site up to date can be hard, unless you are very active (and remember all of the places that have dates.

On my site, I would prefer to have no dates and no references to dates that need to be changed. A common example is how long a company (or breeder) has been in business. On some sites, it says, "We started raising boer goats 2 years ago." and on some, it says, "We have been raising goats since 2004." If I had to choose from those, I would choose the second one, because it never needs to be updated. With the first, you would really have to update it every year.

Here is a sales page announcement:

We will be offer 7 doeling for sale at weaning time. these were born August 8th through the 13th. Will update pictures as they grow. These will be commercial goats. sired by Buzz.


7 doelings for sale.  See the pictures below (contact us for current photos).  They were sired by Buzz.  They are priced at $150 with a $50 deposit.  Please contact us to see if they have been weaned and are ready to be transported to a new herd.

Note the no prices and the dates.

As you can see, when the first one was written (around August 15th ), anyone who visited the site might have been impressed by the fact that the owner was up to date on the site. But, if you don't update it after a few months (or more), the site can feel dated. If you were looking at that site next May, and see dates of August, you would suspect that the entire site is out of date. Most people I have talked to (and contact forms I have read), have indicated that most goat sites are out of date - but I am suggesting that you don't tip your hand by giving proof. I would prefer the second announcement above because when someone contacts you and says, "Are these goats still for sale?", you can point them to other goats (if they have already been sold. The key is that you have left the door open for them to contact you. At worse, you have a contact email for the next time you have goats for sale (or at least someone who has expressed interest in the past.

5. Is there a Market Here for This?

I saw this story on a malaysian newspaper article (I don't know how long the story will be at that link, so I have reprinted it here. I just didn't know if anyone in the states was doing this (and the millionaire reference is in Malaysian money - which translates to just shy of $300,000 US

Sell dung and become a millionaire
05 Dec 2006

KUANTAN: There's gold in that dung, and livestock breeders in Pahang are pretty excited about it.

About 300 of them attended a state Veterinary Services Department seminar entitled "Black Gold - An Income-generating Technology".

The rise in oil prices has made urea-based fertilisers more expensive, so the market for organic fertilisers is expanding.

With more than 200,000 farm animals in Pahang, each producing an average of 10kg of dried waste a day, that's a lot of organic fertiliser. The department organised the seminar to tell breeders how they can cash in on the waste.

They also learned about the latest technologies for converting waste into fertiliser.

Department director Datuk Dr Mohamad Azmie Zakaria said dried animal waste fetched 60 sen per kilogramme, and the price could go up if oil prices continued to rise.

"We could get about two million kilogrammes of dried animal waste a day. That can be sold for RM1.2 million," he said, adding that many breeders had become millionaires from organic fertiliser.

Mohd Husnul Asrul Hussin said he and his father had been making fertiliser from their goats' waste since April.

The 21-year-old said his family's 500 Boer goats produced two tonnes of organic fertiliser a month. They sell it for RM7 per 800g. (almost $2 for ~1.75 pounds)

6.  Special

Right now, I am advertising a special on some of the Yahoo e-groups. If you know someone who is interested in getting a new site, please let me know.

That's all for now. As always, let me know if you have any updates

Next Month:

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and more...

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