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I started adding favorite icons to all of the web sites I have designed. On some browsers, the favorite icon displays next to the listing in the favorites folder. In some browsers, it also displays in the URL next to the web site name. Favorite icons are somewhat finicky. I have found that in internet explorer version 6, it does not always display properly; it is much more reliable in Firefox and Opera. In the new version of internet explorer (version 7) favicons work well in the tabbed browsing.

I use the following code to display the favorite icon:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" />

Here are some of the Icons I have done:

2 Bit Boer Icon
3M Boer Goats Icon
4R Boer Goats Icon
7Y Boer Goats Icon
AAA Women's Services Icon
Abbys Acres Icon
Alaminos Goat Farm Icon
Back 2 Nature Boer Goats Icon
Bacon Creek Kennel Icon
Bear Creek Boers Icon
Oliver and Bencowitz, Attorneys at Law Icon
Bell Goat Farm Icon
Billys Boer Meat Goat Farm Icon
Blackberry Ridge Boers Icon
Blevins Boer Goats Icon
Boer Durham Goat Farm Icon
Boer Goat Web Design Icon
Bon Joli Farm Icon
Bonnie Blue Farm Icon
Broadstone Boers Icon
C and H Livestock Icon
Cane Run Creek Boer Goats Icon
CCFDesign Icon
CCFSupport Icon
Cedar Hill Boers Icon
Chinaberry Acres Icon
Circle 3 Ranch Icon
Circle Star Boers Icon
Circle T Boer Goat Farm Icon
Clearwater Boer Goats Icon
Cottonwood Creek Farm Black Boers Icon
Day Hill Farm Icon
Dorper Mex Icon
Double Creek Ranch Black Boers Icon
Norwood Criminal Defense Icon
Dreamers Farm Icon
Dry Creek Ranch Icon
Copeland Family Farms Icon
Equine Medical Center Icon
Ewing Boers Icon
Fayetteville AR Bankruptcy Attorney Icon
Firepower Promotion Icon
Five Lazy Heart Boer Goats Icon
Five Springs Boer Goats Icon
Four Spokes Ranch Icon
Foxhole Gun Range Icon
Geni Law Firm Software Icon
Greg Icon
Goat Haven Icon
Golden Koi Icon
Gold Strike Boer Goats Icon
Griffith & Sons Beagles Icon
GSP Dorper Sheep Icon
Hard Core Beagles Icon
Hope Creek Boer Ranch Icon Icon
Jack and Holly Martin Icon
Kedza Boer Goats Icon
Lazy D Boers Icon
Lazy S-T Ranch Icon
Lil Ts Boer Goats Icon
MacInnis Dermatology Icon
Magnolia Trace Farm Icon
McGee Goat Farm Icon
Michiana Boers Icon
Miller Gelbvieh Farm Icon
Misty Woods Boer Goats Icon
Muddy Bottoms Boer Goats Icon
Namchick Farms Boer Goats Icon
Perrys Pride Boer Goats Icon
Plentywood Boer Goats Icon
Pride Boer Goats Icon
Promiseland Boer Goats Icon
Pleasant Valley Log Homes Icon
Rabbit Hunting Beagles Icon
Rancho San Juan Icon
Ravenden Ridge Boer Goats Icon
Rebel Ridge Boer Goats Icon
Red Ass Ranch Icon
Rio Grande Boer Goats Icon
Jeff Allen Masonry, LLC Icon
Rocky Springs Farm Icon
Sacred Heart Horse Ranch Icon
Sacred Heart Metal Works Icon
Sacred Heart Stables Icon
S and S Boer Goats Icon
Shamrock Farm Boer Goats Icon
Silver Hill Farms Icon
Simpson Creek Boer Goats Icon
Soggy Bottom Boers Icon
Stewart Farm Boer Goats Icon
Red Creek Farm Icon
S-T-S Boers Icon
Tall Towers Boers Icon
T and M Boer Goats Icon
Timber Rock Farms Icon
TRC Boer Goats Icon
Trickman Boer Goats Icon
Trifecta Boer Goats Icon
Triple Holler Boer Goats Icon
TR Performance Horses of Texas Icon
USF Ph.D. Icon
UUShoe - Double Shoe Ranch Icon
VFW Post 5077 Icon
Vigilant Specks Icon
W2Kx-Web Icon
W3 Ranch Icon
Wylde Green Acres Icon
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